• Professional training


Performance Project

Sonia Rodríguez & Enrico Paglialunga

Based on the last duet production ‘Lighthouse’ created from the collaboration between Sonia Rodriguez and Enrico Paglialunga, this performance project arises with the idea to research the combination of both choreographic languages in a new version for a group.
We investigate the theme of ‘travel’ as a transitory moment in our life. We want to give our contribution towards a more empathic way of perceiving not only the process of migration, but what happened in a human scale to the persons that leave everything to move to a land where they expect to find a better living.
What happens when you leave your homeland, your mother language and common sense, and you enter into this uncertain space where there are no longer references? What we leave behind keeps evolving, developing a life while we are not there. You are still there but as an absent presence (for your family, your loved ones). How do we deal with this double status?. We are moving in a new world, without known references as basic as language (in its broad sense) and we carry our own known world as an invisible shadow.

The Performance project is an opportunity to dive into a 4 days creation process with final presentation on 30.11 at Uferstudios Studio 1.
This format is an experimental way to gather together various backgrounds towards the realization of a short creation inspired by the characteristic of each participant.

From 27.11 to 30.11
27-28-29 10:00-16:00 Uferstudios Berlin, Studio1
30th 10:00 to 17:00 + 18:00 showing Uferstudios Berlin, Studio1

Reserve your early bird price by 10.11 120 euro
Full price 160 euro

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Dance Technique


Base in Release Contemporary Dance Technique.

Beginning with focusing work, Sonia will introduce specific exercises designed to engage the muscles and release excess tension through use of the breath.

Refined articulations will be explored in the centre, followed by extended combinations to emphasise the development of kinetic awareness and the use of muscular opposition to facilitate flexibility into, out of and off the floor.

The class will finish with more complex phrases combining different energetic qualities, different levels, working our presence and material from Sonia’s company repertoire.

Master Class


Every day we try to enjoy the moment, learning and following our way, gathering our own experiences. The motor of dancers and movers is our body, it’s the tool by which we explore the movements to communicate and canalize our emotions. All external impulses influence our dance and they manifest differently depending on our personality. This is the knowledge that we want to expand and share with others. In this master class I would like to share my choreographic point of view, and contribute ideas to reflect on our capabilities and limitations as a performer. I invite dancers and movers who want to experiment and transform our old patterns. It will be an evolving process: we will start with a technical class to work the perception of the body as layers, with different sensation and emotional states, emphasizes the body ́s natural alignments and movements, between doing and observing the flow of impulses .In the second part we will put our attention on more complex phrases, combining different energetic qualities and different levels. All this under the inspiring idea “ To cross the border of our borders”. The first objective is working our presence without fear, this will allow us to be honest with our feelings and inspiration, and being able to share it with the group. We will go through our intense physical work to explore bodily experiences and images finding our own strategies to perform.

It’s more than ten years that Sonia Rodríguez is being invited as a guest teacher and choreographer to create pieces, workshops and/ or spread her personal way of dance. These are some of the companies, schools and festivals she has worked with:

Cia Rui Horta Stage Works
National Dance School EDCN
Cia En- Knap
Saarländisches Statstheater
Eulàlia Blasi School
Cia Lanonima Imperial
Cia Norrdans
Conservatori Professional de Dansa de l’Institut de Teatre
Sasha Waltz & Guest
Cia Aracaladanza
Cia Moudansa
Cia IT Dansa
Cia Scottish Dance Theater Rep Dundee
Carmen Senra Dance Studio
Varium, espai de moviment
CMD'H - Center Especially D'Harroche
Eulalia Blasi School
La Caldera, Centre de Creació de Dansa i Arts Escèniques
María Carbonell dance studio
Area, Espai de Dansa i Creació
Conservatori Superior de Dansa de l’Institut del Teatre
Festival Canarios Dentro y Fuera
Nothern School of Contemporary Dance
Escuela de Danza Natalia Medina
Iwanson School
Beijing Dance Festival
Danseu Festival
Marameo Tanzprobebhüne
Centro Insular de Danza Maria Eullate
Real Conservatorio Superior de Danza “Mariemma”
Danceworks Berlin
Cie Toula Limnaios
Carte Blanche
B12 Berlin
Profitraining Tanzbuero Basel
Berlin Dance Institute
Sommertanz Ulm
Tanzfabrik Berlin
International Dance Workshop Prague
Skänes Dansteater