Everything begins with a walk: ours. Music and dance travel unexpectedly exploring a landscape. A public creates the way together with the interpreters. A shared moment. To dance, to play, to create, to improvise. Of the first local experience we will extract our inspiration, submerging in his architecture, history, and culture. Every representation will be only. It tells the history of a in the crossroads of our looks, theirs. A poetical walk…

  • Choreography & interpreters: Sonia Rodríguez and Yann Lheureux

  • Performers: Sonia Rodríguez, Yann Lheureux

  • Photography: Carlos Collado 

  • Music: Didier Labbé
  • Musicians: Didier Labbé , Didier Dulieux

  • Duration: 60 min

  • Supported by Canarias Cultura en red (Gobierno de Canarias)


España: Canarias Cultura en Red – Gira: Auditorio de Tenerife, Isla del Hierro, La Palma.
Francia:Théâtre de Luz-Saint-Sauveur , Abbaye de l’Escaladieu, Figeac, Château de Bioule 

Théâtre de Lautrec, Montauban/Mauguio.

La Pedrera –Barcelona, Castelnet Villeneuve-Tolosanne.