Glaub Da Silva

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, where he studied dance at the María Olenewa Municipal School in Rio de Janeiro. Later, he studied art and design at the Escola Massana  in Barcelona and at the HBK Saar, Germany, Faculty of Fine Arts, where he graduated with a diploma in Mix-Media. He has also expanded his knowledge as a therapist at the School of Applied Therapies in Barcelona and has been trained as a certified Hatha yoga teacher in Orthos Barcelona.For more than 20 years he has worked professionally as a dancer in differdance companies: Cia Moderna de Danza do Rio de Janeiro, Cia Aluísio Flores (Brazil), Cia Mr. Manzú (Japan), Saarländisches Staatstheater (Germany), Lanonima Imperial (Barcelona) , CobosMika (Barcelona), Color and dance (Barcelona), Cia Sonia Rodriguez (Barcelona), Cia Noelia Liañana (Barcelona), Cybaa (Zaragoza), Che y moche (Zaragoza), Veronika Riz (Italy), Cirque du Soleil (Expo Zaragoza), Cia Círus (Barcelona).
As a choreographer, he has created different works: Temporaria primavera, Jardín suspended, O verbo não ditto, Unter der Haut and Memory of a storm.
He worked as a plastic artist, set designer, director and project manager in Creative Industries, combining transversal knowledge of the arts: dance, theater, plastic arts and multimedia interaction in aesthetic immersion shows.
In 2010, he coordinated as creator, designer, manager and producer of the Planetário Fútbol project together with a multidisciplinary and international team from (Spain, Brazil, Germany).
In recent years he has worked as a teacher in different projects and schools: CMD’H – Centro Maxime D’Harroche (Barcelona), SA Nau (Barcelona), Plan D (Barcelona), ESDM (Barcelona), Plataforma (Germany), Mutanth (Germany), Arte luz (Brazil)…