The principe of all the things.

The darkness where nothing is, nothing remains, where everything changes. Little sparkles in an uncertain destiny illuminate dreams that want to transform everything that surrounds us. A fight towards the search of our own balance in a full space of opportunities that caressed our senses. The life is a continuous spiral movement where we can neither define the beginning nor the end. The darkness where nothing is, nothing remains, where everything changes.

Caos was awarded the third best performer prize at the 8th International Solo Dance event at Stuttgart and won the price for the best choreography in the Danza Calvia Festival (Spain, 2005).

  • Choreography & interpretation: Sonia Rodríguez
  • Escenography: Sonia Rodríguez
  • Music: Oriol Rossell
  • Lighting: Ana Rovira
  • Duration: 15 minutos


Festival Canarios Dentro y Fuera (Teatro Victoria, Tenerife 2002)
8th Internationales Solo Tanz – Theater Festival (Stuttgart, 2004)
American Dance Festival 2003 (Carolina del Norte, EEUU)
Certamen Internacional de Coreografía en Danza Moderna New York-Burgos 2002 (Burgos)
La Porta 51 – Sala Beckett (Barcelona, 2003)
Ateneu9barris (Barcelona, 2003)
La casa Elizalde (Barcelona, 2003)
Oster-Tanz-Tage 2004 Hannover (Alemania, 2004)¡ahora! DANZA! (Sevilla, 2005)
Sala Mirador Centro de Nuevos Creadores (Madrid, 2004)
Sala Cuarta Pared (Madrid, 2003)
Theatre D’ Albi (Francia, 2003)
CICCA Centro Cultural de la Caja de Canarias Gran Canaria, 2003) Festival Danza Calviá (Mallorca, 2005): La Sala Fundición (Sevilla, 2005)
E-Werk-Tanz Theater Freiburg (Freiburg, 2009)
Auditorio de Tenerife (Tenerife, 2009)
NunArt Barcelona Creacions Contemporànies (Barcelona, 2013)
Festival Vivadanca 2014 (Brasil)
Mostra Paranasense de Danca 2014.
Theater Forum (Berlin, 2016)