Forbidden Colours II

The piece initiates as a project in collaboration with the photographer Carlos Collado, images that count his own history and that reflect the emotions that in some moment we have felt.
A world where the reality is in black and white and only the silence possesses color.
The individual in the dimension where there arises his animal and social side and the individual who adapts and travels across the landscapes.

  • Choreography & interpretation: Sonia Rodríguez
  • Escenography: Sonia Rodríguez and Carlos Collado
  • Music: Rachel’s
  • Photography: Carlos Collado
  • Film: Marcos Davi/ Carlos Collado
  • Lighting: Grace Morales
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Supported by UNAM Universidad Nacional Autonómica de México, Centro Cívico de la Barceloneta (Barcelona), Teatre Tantarantana (Barcelona), Graner Centre de creació (Barcelona)


II Encuentro Iberoamericano de Danza Contemporánea. México DF and Cabo San Lucas. (México, 2010)

Festival Canarios Dentro y Fuera. Teatro Victoria. (Tenerife, 2010)

Ciclo BCSTX’11. Teatre Tantarantana (Barcelona, 2011)

Festival 16Masdanza. Teatro Guiniguada (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 2011)

Nunart Barcelona Creacions Contemporánies. (Barcelona 2013)

Beijing Dance Festival 2013 (China).

Acker Stadt Palast (Berlín, 2016)