Carmen Macías

Freelance choreographer, dancer, and teacher from Tenerife, Canary Islands.
Graduated as BPA (Hons) in Northern School of Contemporary Dance-NSCD (Leeds, England). Trained between Spain, England and several European countries in the field of movement, improvisation and contemporary dance techniques, and continued working with different international choreographers.
Focused on her own creative proposals since 2013, keeps researching and delving into her own body language, developed through a reflexive point of view about human nature.
Her solos “D-Construction”, “Régénère”, “Y también mañana”, have been performed in various dance festivals. Has participated in several collaborations, as the piece “Takten” with the pianist Esther Ropón, and the visual artist Dea Woon Kang, among others.
Former member of the project “Tenerife Danza Lab”, which field of action was developing and broading possibilities in contemporary dance: creation, performance, pedagogical aspects and research in creative processes.
In 2018 co-established the dance company “La Reversa” with the dancer Laura Marrero, and the lighting designer Alfredo Díez, exploring the deeming relationship between movement and light since the very beginning of the creative process, as a parallel work of mutual influence, premiering two pieces: “Irreverente” and “Murano”.
Currently, she is member of ‘Danza en Comunidad’, a community dance project developed under Auditorio de Tenerife, and also keeps evolving personal creative projects, teaching contemporary dance and looking for new research lines from movement languages.