Olga Lladó Valls

Born in 1986 in Barcelona. Graduated in 2007 as a dancer at the Institute of Theater in the specialty of contemporary. Scholarship at the International dance workshop in Prague, by the Theater Institute. Later she began to work with the company. Hungarian theater Gödöllo, by Attila Egherazi, for a few months. In 2008 she was a finalist in the Castellón national dance competition, awarded with 4 scholarships, including that of Cía. National dances of Nacho Duato y Cía. OD. At the end of 2008 she began to work with the Aracaladanza company, making a national and international tour until 2011 and later in the production of NUBES. In 2011 she started working as a freelance in companies like Cía. Plan B, Umma Umma Dance, MEDEM production, Cía. Sonia Rodriguez, Habemus Corpus, les Impuxibles, etc….. Emerging creator in different pieces, such as “Symbiosis” together with Almudena Pardo, obtaining the audience award at the Miraflores comedy and dance festival in 2011. “Cheers” duo with Ariadna Peya,created for Microcultura Barcelona (www.projectes.aowordpress.com).
“AVUA” together with Boris Ribas creating the Cía. A bull, a piece premieres at the Sesi Bonecos do mundo festival, currently on tour https://circdansa.wordpress.com/, residents of Roca Umbert, as a winning project of the 2018 movement.
Choreographer of a part of the show “MOBILUS” by the Addaura dancecompany in 2015 and currently in the choreographies of her new show KLE.
Initiated in acrobatics, trapeze, hoop, smooth rope (aerial), Capoeira, acreage and pole dance. And as a teacher, she teaches contemporary dance classes.